What to expect


Services times are Sunday morning worship at 10:30 am; and we also have the Teaching Service Wednesday at 7pm.  This is not a country club, so there’s no dress code; it’s relaxed for some folks, and Sunday best for others.

LaBelle is not a big city, so it is not dificcult to find our church. We are on the southeast corner of Hickpochee Avenue (Hwy 80 West) and Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard. (See our location map on bottom of this page). The city center is the intersection of Hwy 80 (E-W) and Hwy 29 (N-S). Approximately one-half mile west of this intersection, on Hwy 80, on the south side of the road, you will find Life Ministries Church (Across from the Shell Station).


 Though our current building is not impressive on the outside, as you enter, you will be warmly greeted by a friendly face from one of our team of volunteers. Inside you will experience an atmosphere where you can commune with the Spirit of the Lord, fellowship with others, or just relax.


Our services kick off energetically as we worship God through music with our band. We invite you to express your worship in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Our music ranges from contemporary to a traditional hymn or two. We have dancers who worship the Lord with the dance, and who accentuate the words of the songs with artful expressions. During worship, we offer an opportunity to bring your tithes and offerings to our High Priest, Jesus Christ. It is also common to allow the Holy Spirit to exhort the congregation with a Scripture, a prophetic expression, or a testimony through different people in the congregation. We ask that those who are led of the Lord to share, first approach the Pastors to clear the encouragement and the proper timing, so as not to disrupt the flow of the worship service. We believe in being led of the Spirit of God, so we try to give Him freedom to do as He wishes, to the best of our abilities. Our praise and worship usually lasts 30-45 minutes.


Pastors Jorge and Asia share practical principles for everyday balance and Kingdom living in a teaching format that uses the Word, stories, humor and personal application. From time to time some of our Elders have a Word to minister to the congregation, so there is a variety of teachers in the house. From time to time you also may see drama, dance, video or music used to illustrate aspects of the Word. After the service, the front is always open for prayer ministry by the Elders.

Our Wednesday night Teaching is very informal, normally taking Scripture verse by verse, and allowing time for discussion, questions and comments within the group.


We will assist you in registering your children into the proper age group where they will be ministered by awesome and loving teachers. Parents are always welcome to attend as well! You will keep your children with you until they are dismissed from the main adult service in the auditorium as soon as praise and worship is over. You will pick up your children at the Foyer, where they will be brought, when their services conclude. If you are needed for any reason during the service, your child’s number will appear on the screen in the main auditorium, and you may be approached directly by a staff to guide you to your child.